Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moving Forward

     Life gives us so much. Sometimes what we are given is easy, sometimes it's challenging, sometimes it's work.  How we let it affect our lives is our choice. One must make the choice to take what they have been given and move forward with it. To put one foot in front of the other and move ahead, even if it is baby steps.                                                                                                                                                                                      I am amazed at how fast the last month and half has gone. Looking back over this year - the entire year has moved along quickly for us. But the last month and half has been fast. Full of the unexpected and leaving us to digest events after the fact instead of as they come. I think we are still in the process of digesting things but now we have the liberty of quiet, un-scattered thoughts and time for reflection.
     I have found in myself an un-wavering strength and solid core that even surprised me at times. I also found that in my most un-confident times that instead of standing tall the best and only place for me to be was on my knees. Here I found myself renewed in strength and felt a blanket of peace enveloping me that I had not known or felt before. 
We as a family have sailed through rough waters. Currently we are blessed with a safe harbor to rest and heal and reflect. We are all changed and look at things a little differently now. Have we climbed a mountain? Yes, absolutely! But only by making the choice to keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. When we look back on this mountain we can see that we have climbed a big one, but when we look ahead we can see the peaceful meadow we rest in for now. We have more mountains to climb but with each one we gain more strength, more knowledge, and a stronger faith and relationship with our Jesus. Through Him we can do all things.
The Big City's beauty. Different but still pretty.


Friday, October 12, 2012

One Happy Girl

The colors of our oak trees. They were still green a few weeks ago.
     Our family here at 3Beeze has had quite a run of unexpected events through the month of September. These events took us away from the comfort of our little homestead and into the Big City for a few weeks. While away from our country home Fall happened. It was quite a surprise. We left with green leaves on our trees and 80 degree temperatures. The arrival back home was in the dark of night with a gigantic harvest moon to guide our way. Couldn't have asked for a more picturesque welcome back to the country. With only the silver moonlight to see by, everything was bathed in silver and grey, so the change in color of the trees leaves wasn't noticed till morning. As I stood at the kitchen window the next morning with my cuppa joe in hand watching the sun rise on the clucks coup I noticed that our fire pit area was covered in leaves. This brought my eyes to the trees - to my surprise they were painted with bright color. Then the realization set in, while away in the City our Fall season had happened. Another nice welcome home. I tried to appreciate the different beauty that the City had to offer and in it's own "city" way it did offer up some pretty sights. However nothing  holds a candle to the beauty that is offered up by the rolling hills, open spaces, blue clear sky and groves of trees the country has to offer. Not to mention the sounds and smells are much nicer too. Instead of street lights shinning in the window at night it's the moon light. Instead of sirens screaming in the night it is the distant howl of a coyote or the soft hoot of an owl. No exhaust to smell, only clean fresh air and the smell of earth. Yes, I am one happy girl to be back home in the country.             

Our oak tree leaves.

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