Saturday, June 1, 2013


 Neighbors. Some neighbors really get your hackles up and there are some you wonder about.  They do odd things and conduct themselves in a manner that makes you want to duck out of site if you happen to be in your yard at the same time they happen to be in theirs. My Husband and I have had our fair share of neighbors over the years. Many of them, even though we lived right next door or across the street, we never spoke to. Some of the places we lived we didn't have neighbors close by. These were some of our most favorite places, the ones with some acreage between them but these were also some of the places we had good neighbors. We currently live on about a half acre lot with the other homes in the neighborhood on a half acre lot as well. So we have close neighbors but not neighbors right on top of us. We are so lucky where we are right now to have the best neighbors we have ever had and if we ever moved we would be hard pressed to find neighbors such as these again. A once in a life time, if your lucky kind of thing. These people are the best. We share a common fence between our back yards and have a gate in that fence that leads into our perspective yards. If we get the burn pit going it isn't long before they come over and join us and there is always a good conversation over the fence We take care of each others chickens and dogs when one of us travels out of town. We share our raspberries with them and tell them to come pick anytime. My son really likes both of them and enjoys wandering through to visit with them. Once in a while we will even wake up together over coffee shared on one of our patios or at one of our coops.  We are so blessed with this couple that are our neighbors.                                                                                                         
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