Monday, November 26, 2012

Jack. Jack Frost.

     You all know him. Some of you may appreciate him more then others. I am one that appreciates him sometimes but I am oh so glad to see him go away. He begins his visits in the fall. At first quick little visits, maybe to test how well he will be received and where the best locations are to begin his stay for the winter. Sometimes he visits just a bit but other times he throws one big huge party, sometimes he just keeps going with those big parties. Just doesn't want to quit.     

     We had the unfortunate pleasure of his visit last night, well actually he hasn't left just yet. It wasn't a big party last night but he sure got his boogie on. Yes that guy named Jack. Jack Frost. He came through town last night and left his mark. He liked our town so much in fact he is still hanging around. It's looking like he may be here to stay for awhile. 

     Frost does have a way with the everyday sights around us. My favorite is when we have a heavy thick frost and everything is coated with ice crystals. Everything is white, the only color might be the black ribbon of road stretched out in front of you and the color of your car. Kind of enchanted looking and other-worldly. 
     It will be non too soon when good old Jack makes his exit. I figure I have a good 3 months, maybe a bit more  before he is edged out of town. In the mean time, pulling out my gloves, scarves and heavy coat so all he can nip at is my nose.                                                                                                   

Friday, November 23, 2012

Looking for the Magic

    Looking ahead to our next festive season, now that we have accomplished a successful and wonderful Thanksgiving celebration brings to mind the crisp smell of pine and spicy scent of cinnamon, the warm glow of twinkle lights, and sounds of old time Christmas melodies softly playing in the back ground. 
     I just can't get it in gear over here to be able to get myself into the "christmasy" state of mind needed for decking our home with holiday trimmings. My son said to me the other day that he loved it when it was Christmas. I asked why and he said he loved the way the house smelled and the feeling that he had with the house decorated. This coming from a kid who can be heard humming Christmas tunes in the middle of summer. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. Maybe that is what I am having a hard time catching a hold of-the magic. There is something magical about a home dressed in it's best and most festive attire of the year.     Some underlying current of magic in the season. Maybe this is what pulls our hearts towards the memories of the past, the tangible feelings and smells of days gone by. Maybe I should stop looking so hard for the magic and let the magic find me.

Monday, November 19, 2012

So Pleased To Meet You

     Today. November 19. Monday. Eleven years ago, today, November 19, Monday morning, we found ourselves, my Husband and I, checking me into the hospital for the birth of our son. I was induced, so the day wasn't necessarily a surprise but still full of unknowns. What time would this wonderful new life enter this world, would he have lots of hair, what color would it be? So many questions. I couldn't wait to meet him, to hold him, to smell him. This would take all day. Starting with contractions about mid day, brought on by medication and several laps around the maternity ward. By early evening I was pushing, not knowing that I would continue this for several more hours, into the night with no success at moving this child into the world but stuck a mere few inches away from his grand entrance. With a little help from the Doctor and some equipment to help move my son the rest of the way, we had success. I was so tired. Not an ounce of push left in me and barely able to hold my son as the Doctor lay him on my chest. My Husband, ever present by my side had to help me hold him in my arms. Oh so sweet this child. This beautiful child. Strong and healthy. We are so blessed. At this time that I am typing, on this day, eleven years ago, I was in the middle of contractions and pushing. In about an hour I meet my son for the first time outside of my belly. What a fantastically, wonderfully, exciting day!! So pleased to meet you my sweet son.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Boston

     Special delivery, all the way from California. Yes this little package of sweetness came all the way up to the Great Pacific Northwest just shy of 1000 miles from California. My Sister with her Husband and daughter came to visit from California and brought us this little sweetie. Going on five months now with her here in our home and settling very snugly in our hearts. Not to replace the loss of our boxer Angus-nothing could ever take his place. But to secure a different place in each of our hearts with her little lovebug ways.

     She has had some learning to do, like not chasing the cats and leaving the chickens alone. We have had some learning too, like she can climb the chain link fence in the back, she is a quick little thing and all muscle. She is very strong and super smart.
Our little sweetie.
     Ever my constant companion and snugler. Never a moment when she doesn't make me smile or laugh at her silly ways. She has melded right in with all of our family and etched her way into all of our hearts. It has been just a few short months but it seems that she has always been a part of our little family.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Stool

     This old stool-it is older then I. There are photos of me as a little girl helping my mom in her kitchen do the dishes, bake, cook, watch, you name it, there is me standing on the stool. Not this very stool but one just like it, except mine (or shall I say my moms kitchen stool) was white. This one that is in my kitchen is pale yellow.
Steps pull out from under the seat.
     You know what? I still use it for doing stuff in the kitchen, as well as everywhere else in and out of the house.   I am of the vertically challenged group. In other words short! I need help with, well it seems like everything. Why is everything up so high where I can't reach it? This is part of who I am. Part of the life I know, no other way. Always looking for an arm extension or few extra feet on the bottoms of my feet. 
Steps stored away under seat.
     For me, this is the most essential part of my house hold tools and most useful piece of furniture. Its location in the kitchen summons you to sit on it too. Right where it is. And I see my son using it in all the ways I used my moms kitchen stool and then some. Most of the time it is food oriented. Getting chips or bread from on top of the fridge, getting something in or out of the microwave above the stove or getting a bowl or cup out of the cupboard. This stool is a must have. I recommend one in every kitchen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Night

     Tonight is an early to bed night. Not because there is anything new or out of the ordinary happening or going on. Just because we are tired. My son came home from school telling me "Mom I'm tired." He looked it too. The Husband fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. right here on our couch this evening. He finally gave up his battle just before 9:00 p.m. and said he was done. Good night. My son followed very soon after. Now it's just me awake. One of our cats, James came in from outside and is giving himself a bath on the entry table and my little sweetie, the new addition to our family, Josie (Boston Terrier) is snuggled right up as close as she can get to me and is....yes, asleep. I'll introduce you to her in another post. It's not often we find our house quiet, between the dogs and cats and us there is always some sort of traffic through the house. So it is time for me to enjoy the still, quiet, sleeping household. For a few minutes before I head off to dream land myself. Maybe I'll nod off with a good book. Tonight seems like it could be one of those nights. Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

Short Days

     As the days move closer and closer to that one, shortest day of the year in December, I find myself disliking the end of the day. I am a "light" person. I like the light. Natural sun light that is. I love the longer days of daylight during summer. My most favorite time is when the sunlight lingers through the evening past 9:00 p.m. So, when we get into the winter months and the time change and dusk falls at 3:45 p.m. - well, I am just not a happy camper. I hate it when it gets dark so early. Especially that early. It is really the pits. Some may like the early darkness and longer night times, not I. I long for the longer days and springing forward of time in the Spring. I quietly bide my time as we move closer to that shortest day of the year and as soon as that one day is over I start watching the time that darkness falls and with each passing day I am awarded a few minutes longer of light. I can't wait until it stays light again past 5:00 p.m. Even more so, I can't wait until those long, lingering days of light return in the summer. Yep, those long light filled days are the days for me.                                                                                                                      

Monday, November 12, 2012

Long Weekend

     Last day of the long weekend. I love long weekends. You can really get things done and still have time to relax and enjoy before the work week starts again. This time my son and I are the lucky ones. The Husband had to work today. We had a busy weekend cleaning up the leaves-we kind of cheat a little. We use the mower to help pick up the leaves. Makes quick work out of a chore that would take a good chunk of time to accomplish. Yay for the John Deere lawn mower. The clucks got to get out and forage in the yard. They found all sorts of fat juicy worms and bugs. While they were out in the yard I cleaned out the coop. Raked the leaves from the outer run area as well. Our son chopped up some kindling for the wood stove.We did all of the other mundane tasks like washing dishes and doing laundry etc as well. All and all a very productive weekend. Just in time to get things in order for cooking a big Thanksgiving feast. Gathering ideas for some new dishes to try, as well as our tried and true old favorites.                                                       

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Drive in the Country

     Well here we are already in the month of November. I am so amazed that we are at month number 11 in this year. The Husband and I, along with our son took a day a few weeks ago to just take a drive out in the country. Follow what ever dirt road looked interesting and enjoy the sights and sounds around us. Here are some of the sights that we came across. 
Fall color explosion along the creek bed at the base of the hills.

Sunrise with the on coming most recent storm.

 A friends century plus old barn.

Looking north up the valley towards our little town.

The looming storm coming in.
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