Monday, November 19, 2012

So Pleased To Meet You

     Today. November 19. Monday. Eleven years ago, today, November 19, Monday morning, we found ourselves, my Husband and I, checking me into the hospital for the birth of our son. I was induced, so the day wasn't necessarily a surprise but still full of unknowns. What time would this wonderful new life enter this world, would he have lots of hair, what color would it be? So many questions. I couldn't wait to meet him, to hold him, to smell him. This would take all day. Starting with contractions about mid day, brought on by medication and several laps around the maternity ward. By early evening I was pushing, not knowing that I would continue this for several more hours, into the night with no success at moving this child into the world but stuck a mere few inches away from his grand entrance. With a little help from the Doctor and some equipment to help move my son the rest of the way, we had success. I was so tired. Not an ounce of push left in me and barely able to hold my son as the Doctor lay him on my chest. My Husband, ever present by my side had to help me hold him in my arms. Oh so sweet this child. This beautiful child. Strong and healthy. We are so blessed. At this time that I am typing, on this day, eleven years ago, I was in the middle of contractions and pushing. In about an hour I meet my son for the first time outside of my belly. What a fantastically, wonderfully, exciting day!! So pleased to meet you my sweet son.


  1. Love! Congratulations...since I missed it eleven years ago. :)

  2. What a lovely tribute to your boy! Those days are imprinted on my mind too. Hard...but worth every bit of it!

    I loved this!!!!
    sending many hugs...

  3. No matter how old they become, Mother's always remember the day their sweet child was born. Congrats & Happy Birthday to the 11 year old.

  4. I remember well the feelings and emotions that come to mind when I think of the birth of all 4 of my kiddos!
    Happy late Birthday to your son!!


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