Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year of Sunrises and Sunsets

     Sitting here this morning, my little Boston snuggled next to me and my cuppa Joe at easy access for my right hand, I am watching the final sunrise of the year. Looking back, we have had a full year of sunrises. Some we have been able to watch, others have been covered by clouds but everyday that big orange ball in the sky has made its presence known.

Sunrise at the Snake River in summer.

We have had many experiences this past year. Some good, some not so good, but all of them we have learned from. From planning and building our chicken coop, our first baby chicks, the first egg, yard improvements, family reunions, gardening, loss of dear ones, too much time spent at the hospital and too much time spent away in the big City and so much more. All of these events have taught us something in some way or another and changed our thought process' in either large or small ways. Then there were sunsets. Everyday the sun set. Shedding its golden light over the hills of wheat, sometimes peaking through the clouds, other times bathing the countryside in that wonderful golden light that makes everything drip gold. My most favorite time of the evening.                                                            
Sunset from the hills east of us in winter.

     This last day of the year beginning with the sun shinning and day of quality time spent with my son enjoying the last days of holiday break before we get back to the grind again on Wednesday. It's going to be a great day! The end of a very quick but long year.                                           

Monday, December 24, 2012


      I admit at the beginning of the month and up until about a week ago I have been having a hard time finding that magic in Christmas. Well I realized it really wasn't about me finding the magic or Spirit of Christmas it was allowing it to find me. Finding the quiet time to really think about things, the Spirit came to me. Not by way of the usual sparkly-ness of the season or Christmas cheer or the ornaments on the tree or the music of the season but quietly and subdued (kind of like the birth of our Lord that special night). My magic has been with me all along in the "ordinary" quality time that I spend with my husband and son. In the realization that there is wonder and magic around us everyday - we just have to choose to see it. So the tree is up and we have gifts underneath and the anticipation and the excitement in the moment of giving and receiving are there but so will it remain even after those gifts have been opened in the blessings of enjoying my loved ones everyday no matter if it is for a few moments or hours or days and in looking forward to all the "Ordinary" times in our future. Blessings to all of you this Season.                                                                                       

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not So Ordinary, Ordinary

     A nice weekend spent with my guys. A little bit of shopping, a movie and relaxing at home watching a football game and being warmed by the crackling  fire in the fireplace. Sounds pretty ordinary. Something that a lot of us would do on any weekend. We have done this many weekends before too. What is different now? Now our family has made it through one heck of a tough few months. A something simple turned into emergency surgery and fortunate to be alive event for my husband. A routine doctors appointment turned to a consult with a specialist, to emergency surgery 4 days after the consultation appointment. We were blessed in so many ways during this time. My husbands doctor happened to be friends with a specialist surgeon who is the best in the U.S. and Europe at what he does along with the medical team that works with him and the hospital. My husbands recovery and healing process went quicker then expected and he healed leaps and bounds beyond what the doctors had anticipated or expected. An ordinary weekend spent enjoying being with each other. Ordinary us doing ordinary stuff. So blessed  and thankful to be doing the ordinary things with my guys.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Architecture

     These white arches pull at my love for good architecture. Holding strength and beauty. Good bones. Pleasing to the eye. Something soothing in their design. I love good architecture. You can find good architecture in lots of places, when your eye comes to rest on it you know it. You know it because it stops you and holds your interest.These arches are in Seattle. There are many other beautiful structures in this big city but these arches caught me and made me take a picture of them. Speaking of structures, my structure, that would be my bones and muscles haven't been the same since this and a few prior trips to Seattle in the past 3 months. Too many miles on this structure. Maybe it really isn't the miles but the quality of the structure. You see I think I am the most out of shape I have ever been and my bones and muscles are letting me know it loud and clear. No excuses, just plain old out of shape and time to get back in shape. I'm not getting any younger and these bones and muscles of mine need to last me another 40 years at least. I need to give this out of shape structure a restoration so it can shine again. So, on to restoring my arches, giving my muscles a much needed continuous work out and keeping on going so that my structure doesn't start falling apart on me. 
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