Saturday, September 8, 2012

Priceless Treasures

"My Sister's Quilt". The twin to the one I made for my Sister.
Now that fall is in the air it is time to pull out all of the quilts. There are always a few favorites that remain out through the summer. But with the coolness in the air coming on, all of the others get to come out and be used in some place or another around our home. I have a small handful of heirloom quilts that are at least 100 years old. These hang on the wall or stay folded in a nook in our den where they can be seen and appreciated but not used. Many of the quilts I have were made by my Mother-in-law who is an expert quilter and several others were made by my Mom who is an accomplished seamstress. So one could say that the crazy-ness of cutting up perfectly fine fabric and then stitching it back together again runs in my blood. One of my most favorite quilts is one that I made for my dear Sister. Actually it was two quilts that I made at the same time. Twin quilts. One for her and one for me. This quilt, "My Sister's Quilt", is one that is always out and always on the end of the couch or in the chair where I happen to be sitting in the evening. My Sister keeps hers in the same place and uses hers like I use mine. I find comfort in this quilt knowing this and her love for her quilt. Even in the summer I cover up with it. I have made several others as well and sent them to loved ones out of state. I have also made some that have remained here in our home. There is something therapeutic in this crazy-ness of cutting up perfectly fine fabric so it can be stitched back together again. I can't really put my finger on the exact reason why, I just know that it is. Receiving a quilt that has been stitched just for you runs parallel to receiving something priceless.                                 
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