Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not So Ordinary, Ordinary

     A nice weekend spent with my guys. A little bit of shopping, a movie and relaxing at home watching a football game and being warmed by the crackling  fire in the fireplace. Sounds pretty ordinary. Something that a lot of us would do on any weekend. We have done this many weekends before too. What is different now? Now our family has made it through one heck of a tough few months. A something simple turned into emergency surgery and fortunate to be alive event for my husband. A routine doctors appointment turned to a consult with a specialist, to emergency surgery 4 days after the consultation appointment. We were blessed in so many ways during this time. My husbands doctor happened to be friends with a specialist surgeon who is the best in the U.S. and Europe at what he does along with the medical team that works with him and the hospital. My husbands recovery and healing process went quicker then expected and he healed leaps and bounds beyond what the doctors had anticipated or expected. An ordinary weekend spent enjoying being with each other. Ordinary us doing ordinary stuff. So blessed  and thankful to be doing the ordinary things with my guys.



  1. have lots to be thankful for on your ordinary weekend. So glad to hear that your husband is back on track and healing nicely. You just never know from day to day. Blessings!!

  2. Life is made up of so many ordinary events that they are easily forgotten. Blessings for a "Ordinary" day!

  3. I just loved this post! We must remember to be so very thankful for ordinary : )

  4. It's hard to remember as life whizzes by but the "ordinary" is something to truly be grateful for. Happy to hear your life is once again having ordinary moments. Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you Staci. Who knew ordinary could be so wonderful;).

  5. OMW! So glad things have turned out in your favor. I hope things will settle down for you and you can have more ordinary days with your boys!

  6. Ordinary is one of the best gifts we have. :) Merry Christmas.


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