Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Boston

     Special delivery, all the way from California. Yes this little package of sweetness came all the way up to the Great Pacific Northwest just shy of 1000 miles from California. My Sister with her Husband and daughter came to visit from California and brought us this little sweetie. Going on five months now with her here in our home and settling very snugly in our hearts. Not to replace the loss of our boxer Angus-nothing could ever take his place. But to secure a different place in each of our hearts with her little lovebug ways.

     She has had some learning to do, like not chasing the cats and leaving the chickens alone. We have had some learning too, like she can climb the chain link fence in the back, she is a quick little thing and all muscle. She is very strong and super smart.
Our little sweetie.
     Ever my constant companion and snugler. Never a moment when she doesn't make me smile or laugh at her silly ways. She has melded right in with all of our family and etched her way into all of our hearts. It has been just a few short months but it seems that she has always been a part of our little family.


  1. What a sweetie, cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. What a sweatheart! I have heard these dogs make amazing companions. She sounds very smart!

  3. She's beautiful!!! Everyone thinks Oliver is a Boston - they're built the same. I'm so happy she's fit right into the family. :)

    1. I think your Frenchies are absolutely adorable. Yes they are built very much the same and bet just as sweet and endearing too.

  4. Looks like a cutie...I know no one takes the place of one that passes, but they sure do bring a lot of love into our lives.


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