Monday, November 26, 2012

Jack. Jack Frost.

     You all know him. Some of you may appreciate him more then others. I am one that appreciates him sometimes but I am oh so glad to see him go away. He begins his visits in the fall. At first quick little visits, maybe to test how well he will be received and where the best locations are to begin his stay for the winter. Sometimes he visits just a bit but other times he throws one big huge party, sometimes he just keeps going with those big parties. Just doesn't want to quit.     

     We had the unfortunate pleasure of his visit last night, well actually he hasn't left just yet. It wasn't a big party last night but he sure got his boogie on. Yes that guy named Jack. Jack Frost. He came through town last night and left his mark. He liked our town so much in fact he is still hanging around. It's looking like he may be here to stay for awhile. 

     Frost does have a way with the everyday sights around us. My favorite is when we have a heavy thick frost and everything is coated with ice crystals. Everything is white, the only color might be the black ribbon of road stretched out in front of you and the color of your car. Kind of enchanted looking and other-worldly. 
     It will be non too soon when good old Jack makes his exit. I figure I have a good 3 months, maybe a bit more  before he is edged out of town. In the mean time, pulling out my gloves, scarves and heavy coat so all he can nip at is my nose.                                                                                                   


  1. Not a huge fan of winter, but love what it does to the pictures with the frost and a new fallen snow on the landscape, it's beautiful!

  2. What a fun post!

    Love the pictures too.

    We've just had one small snow storm, and it's been un-seasonably warm.
    No complaints here.

    Although, I would love a white Christmas :)

  3. Not too much frost here yet. Yesterday was 70 warming?? Would love some snow...would seem more like the holidays. Stay warm and thanks for being such a faithful follower!!

  4. Jack has been visiting here on a regular basis now. Loved the post and the photos!! :)


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