Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Stool

     This old stool-it is older then I. There are photos of me as a little girl helping my mom in her kitchen do the dishes, bake, cook, watch, you name it, there is me standing on the stool. Not this very stool but one just like it, except mine (or shall I say my moms kitchen stool) was white. This one that is in my kitchen is pale yellow.
Steps pull out from under the seat.
     You know what? I still use it for doing stuff in the kitchen, as well as everywhere else in and out of the house.   I am of the vertically challenged group. In other words short! I need help with, well it seems like everything. Why is everything up so high where I can't reach it? This is part of who I am. Part of the life I know, no other way. Always looking for an arm extension or few extra feet on the bottoms of my feet. 
Steps stored away under seat.
     For me, this is the most essential part of my house hold tools and most useful piece of furniture. Its location in the kitchen summons you to sit on it too. Right where it is. And I see my son using it in all the ways I used my moms kitchen stool and then some. Most of the time it is food oriented. Getting chips or bread from on top of the fridge, getting something in or out of the microwave above the stove or getting a bowl or cup out of the cupboard. This stool is a must have. I recommend one in every kitchen.

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  1. Love this! Those are the things I treasure the most in our house - the items with memories and history. :)


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