Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Night

     Tonight is an early to bed night. Not because there is anything new or out of the ordinary happening or going on. Just because we are tired. My son came home from school telling me "Mom I'm tired." He looked it too. The Husband fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. right here on our couch this evening. He finally gave up his battle just before 9:00 p.m. and said he was done. Good night. My son followed very soon after. Now it's just me awake. One of our cats, James came in from outside and is giving himself a bath on the entry table and my little sweetie, the new addition to our family, Josie (Boston Terrier) is snuggled right up as close as she can get to me and is....yes, asleep. I'll introduce you to her in another post. It's not often we find our house quiet, between the dogs and cats and us there is always some sort of traffic through the house. So it is time for me to enjoy the still, quiet, sleeping household. For a few minutes before I head off to dream land myself. Maybe I'll nod off with a good book. Tonight seems like it could be one of those nights. Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


  1. It's morning, time to be up and at them. Well I'm sitting here at the computer checking out all the blogs I follow with a cup of coffee.

    Last night must have been one of those nights. I was in bed early myself and couldn't explain why. The air, that's it! It was in the air. Did your Mom ever tell you that?

    Have a great day !!!

    1. Yes she did, along with my Grandmother. I catch myself saying it my son. "It must be something in the air."


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