Sunday, March 10, 2013


Don Juan Climbing Rose
     After almost 13 years we have roses again!! Both my Husband and I are very pleased to have these beauties back in our lives. Ours are just brand new plants. This is the first time that I have ever planted roses. All of our homes have always had them growing. This time we got to choose our roses. There are so many and I love them all. These pictures -which were not taken by me- these are from the Gardens board on 3Beeze Pinterest page, are all of the roses we planted today.

Iceburg Climbing Rose
Love the climbing roses and how they envelope what ever they are growing on. I would love some more of these and may have to get one more of each color.

Mister Lincoln Rose
This one is my heart throb. I am such a sucker for any red rose but this one and it's deep red color make me want to wrap myself up in it's soft pedals. I can not wait to see this one grow up.

Paradise Rose
This one we chose because of it's variation in color. I am eager to lay eyes on this one in person. It is stunning in the picture but I bet even more so with my own eyes. 

Tiffany Rose
This is also another favorite. The delicate pink with the palest hint of yellow inside. I love these soft delicate pale colors. Can not wait to have a giant vase full of these sitting on the kitchen table. There are others that I would like to have in our garden as well and will keep my eyes open for any one of them that might catch my eye. I love roses-even the pruning of them and getting poked by the thorns. (Well maybe not "love" the getting poked part but my love and appreciation of the roses overrides the bothersome pokes.)


  1. Funny to read this - I was thinking of adding roses to the front yard this year. I have great memories of them in my Grandmother's garden.

    1. When I was little we had a neighbor that had a backyard full of them . I used to go pick her roses and play with her little Boston. You should plant Roses.

  2. Roses are the best! I am sure you know how to take care of them. Can't wait to see more : )

    1. I know how to take care of them as an established plant. Never had brand new before. So learning on that part. Hoping I did right in the planting. I can't wait to see more either. Planted all of these in the back yard and will plant more in the front. Need to ready the front beds first.


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