Sunday, April 7, 2013

Additions Update

From left-3 day old EE chick and 3 day old Blue Cochin.
Welsummers just over 2 weeks old.
My goodness. I can not believe how fast these past few weeks have gone by. Since then we have completed the coop addition and added 32 square feet to the clucks run and revamped the roosting bars in the coop. We changed out the feeder for one of the galvanized bucket styles and made a list of more things that need to be done on the coop and run. We have planted roses that our sweet lab decided were sticks that he needed to play with in the yard. I put the roses back in the ground and they have yet to produce any signs of growing into beautiful rose bushes. The two climbing roses were left alone and are looking very promising. I am giving the poor bushes just a bit longer to see if they show any signs of life. We have added a few more heart beats to our little homestead. We brought home 3 Welsummer peeps about 2 weeks ago and this past Friday we brought home my sons choice of peeps. His long awaited Blue Cochin. 3 of them. He also fell in love with 2 little bearded Easter Eggers that he couldn't walk away from. Which brings our total number of peeps to 8.  Eventually they will be integrated with our current flock of ladies which make our clucks number 16. Hoping 16 is as sweet as they say and all goes well. I know we will be rich in eggs. Hope everyone can get along. 

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  1. Cute chicks. Can't wait to see them with all their feathers. Can't wait until we get some new chicks here too.
    I love your roses! Beautiful!!!


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