Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Fall is here. Lots and lots of colorful leaves. They wont stay for long. Gotta enjoy these beautiful leaves while we can.
Poplar trees.


Oak canopy.

Quaking Aspen.


  1. beautiful color Snooks. I love your gorgeous state. I always loved my visits there. Do you know where Deer Park is? My family lived there for a very short time and so we explored much of the state when we lived there. My father loved the coast and so we had some crazy fast trips all up and down it. I remember very little of the trip except the beautiful scenery.
    Have a wonderful Autumn!

    1. Hi June! I do know where Deer Park is. My Sister-in-Law lives in Spokane and we really love the Sandpoint area of Idaho. So we've done a fair bit of wandering up that way. Beautiful country. Hugs to you too.

  2. Amazing!
    Fall is a beautiful time of year, that's for certain.

    Blessing to you this new week, and new month. Thankful November :)

    1. Hi Kerin!!! Happy to see you. Its been a while. Thanks for coming over and for the comment. Are you back to blogging again??? I am going to have to look and see.


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