Saturday, March 8, 2014


     I have been trying to post something every Friday. Mostly I manage except recently. The only thing different about these Fridays is that I have not made it here to the blog to post or to our facebook page, is that these are the Fridays that my son has had a day off from school and the days prior to that day off are busy with trying to get the things done that I usually do on Friday so that my son and I can have a day together doing mom and son stuff instead house and yard chores. I also feel on these days that my attention and time need to be given to him and not to the cyber world. Now don't get me wrong. I love to write and look forward to it and that is one of my main reasons for starting this blog. Secondly I enjoy sharing my thoughts and the goings on around here. Thirdly and this is the part I consider a bonus, the part that I didn't take into account when I started this blog and our facebook page as well as the pinterest page was the new friends that were made through these pages. I look forward to sharing with all of you and your comments, thoughts, advice and opinions. But I also think that being "unplugged" and spending time with my son and husband and even some "unplugged" time for myself is very important and healthy too. 
A hiking day and country drive. Being "unplugged".


  1. I agree. The days my son have off school are precious and he doesn't need to be watching me vacuum or do computer stuff. One of these days they aren't going to want to do stuff with us anymore, so might as well take advantage of it while we can :)


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