Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice Magic

 Cold. Sums up our neck of the woods. Went out and took some photos of how cold it is here. Everything is covered in ice and has been for about 2 weeks.                  

This is water that was running out of the hill side. It was stopped in its tracks. Just like that. Zap!! Frozen.

Jack Frost has been doing some decorating here. I have to say, he did a pretty good job. This tree is absolutely gorgeous decked in all of its ice crystals. 

The countryside is quite pretty when it is all covered in white. Not just any white though. It is layers of ice crystals-we call it hoar frost. Something to appreciate even though it takes some pretty cold temperatures to get this look. I took it for granted (in the sense that I grumbled about it) until my Sister came to visit one winter. She was very taken with it and said it seemed so unreal and magical. I never looked at it that way until then. You know she was right. It is magical and not something you see all the time.

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