Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quiet and Peacful Moments

I love waking in the early morning on weekends. For our house we have the weekends off. No hussle to get ready and out the door first thing in the morning.

I like to be up before everyone else in the house. It is so quiet and peaceful. There are few of those moments it seems.                                                                

These are a few pictures that I have taken where I have felt that quiet peacful feeling.

The golden sunlight in the evening as the sun sets and casts its golden rays across the countryside making everything drip gold. Love this time.                                 


  1. It sounds like the weekends at your house are awesome Snooks. They area in which you live is beautiful. My daughter has been living in Sandpoint, Idaho this past fall and winter and she says that it hasn't quit raining and now they are getting snow. We don't get much rain here in south central Idaho, but I live at 4900 ft and we sure do get the snow. She isn't liking the rain and doesn't think she will stay there much longer.
    I loved your beautiful post about barns. I love them and wish that more were restored here in my part of Idaho. I hate to see them go and not kept as part of the landscape here. Everything is being replaced by metal buildings here. I love the charm of an old red barn.
    Hope all is great with you my friend.
    sending hugs....

    1. Sandpoint is a beautiful place but they do get beyond their fair share of heavy weather. Summertime there is when it is best unless you like to ski. Shweitzer is just above Sandpoint. I'm not a skier so that wouldn't matter for me. I bet you get your own fair share of snow and maybe a little more. Not so much a winter time person myself but I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the season but look forward to the other three. I do like the seasons. Summer and fall being my favorites. Putting one foot in front of the other over here and moving forward and towards goals, so we are hanging in there after a very tough last 6 months of which I think we are still digesting. Standing tall with our chins up. Hope you are doing well June. Blessings and hugs sent your way.

  2. Beautiful.

    The 'Early Bird' get the worm; or in your case, the most stunning pictures :)

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. I love these pictures! thanks for sharing them.


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