Saturday, June 30, 2012

Overnight Berries

I have so much to catch up with here. Over the last week I have been insane busy. Things are looking pretty good around here for receiving our next set of guests. The weather changed over the last week as well. Going from much cooler low 70's, rainy and overcast to bright sunny 80 plus degree's. That is all we needed to get things hopping around here. Everything is growing. The lawn, the garden, the flowers, the berries and the weeds. Need to water too! The garden needs it daily now. As well as the flower beds. We went from berries getting ready on the vine to berries needing to be picked off the vine overnight. Two large bowls full of the sweetest strawberries and raspberries. No sugar needed. Non of these berries held a chance of remaining in the bowl. Rinsed and set out to drain on the counter, a delectable morsel screaming out EAT ME every time any one walked by. Non of us able to keep ourselves from reaching out and grabbing a handful of the sweet, still warm off of the vine piece of summertime heaven. We shared with our neighbors and  the delight they showed in receiving these wonderful treats was priceless. Love sharing the wealth. Even the chickens and the dogs have made sure to get their own berries from the vines. No one can resist. We will need to check for and pick them every day now through summer. An enjoyable, tasty task. 


  1. Those look YUMMY. Toss some my way please!

  2. Berries are hard to resist, and have a way of screaming EAT ME that's impossible to ignore. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Yummm.....I'm so jealous. :) I ended up buying mine from local farmers since the chipmunks stole my entire patch.

  4. Hey Snooks :)
    What a great summer time treat!!

    Do you dry, or make jam from any of your berries??

    Hope you have a great time with your company, and happy gardening!

    Smiles :)

    1. Hoping to make some fruit leather and jam. Only problem is keeping the berries from our mouths and tummys. We had these two bowls eaten in a day. They were so good. I will have a good time with our guests - this time it is my dear Sister visiting and her family. Thanks Kerin.

  5. Such lovely photos of the berries.

    Hi, I popped over from Goose Hill Farm.



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