Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tree House

The tree house. An essential part of childhood. A place of great exploration and an imagination igniter. Every child should be able to have a tree house or a play house. For us it's a tree house. There is a platform in the tree just above the back fence of the chicken run. This is what we used as the floor for the tree house.
The necessity of the tree house became very apparent as work finished up on the coop. When it was learned that we would be hosting our families reunion it was of great importance to my son that we have the tree house complete. He worked on the things that he could do on his own and the rest of us pitched in with the remaining things that were needed to make it complete. 

There were a few things that he wanted. A deck and some walls, a roof was important and some sort of lighting. The deck was created by simply placing the "walls" back about 2 feet from the edge and adding a railing. The roofing was old metal panels from a metal shed and the walls were made as half walls and then left open the rest of the way. To complete the enclosure I hung some old sheets with staples to hold them in place so they could billow in the wind. 

We lined the floor on the inside with an old cloth tacked down and proceeded to fill up the inside with giant pillows. We used twinkle lights draped in the tree branches and tacked up inside for the lighting. It is all very comfy. 

There is something magical about it in the evening with the twinkle lights all around. With front sheets tied back it has a perfect view of the fire pit just below. Perfect for that sneak away place to hide and take a nap or to let the imagination wander in billowing sails and fireflies, secret passages and cliff hideouts. Not to mention a birds eye view of the chicken run.
Something whimsical? Yes. Important? Yes very! 


  1. How COOL is that! Just having a tree big enough to even consider a tree house would be awesome. Love the lights!

  2. I would have loved to have something like that when I was a kid. Cute idea to put the twinkle lights around it.

  3. Awesome!

    Having a place like that is pretty important to kids.
    Helps them develope their imaginations, and spread their creative wings :)

  4. Oh I love the tree house!!
    We currently don't have trees around us, and the kiddos would love to have a tree house, but make forts of various things. Someday they'll have a real tree house. That would be so much fun for them!! My girls would probably like the lights on theirs!!!

  5. What a great tree house! I can imagine spending time out there on warm summer evenings...magical is right!

  6. Very cool! I didn't have a tree house as a child, but I did have a fort in the woods that I just adored. :)

  7. I just love tree houses. They are magical. I have built at least 2 over the years for my kids. I always wanted one when I was little. The lights are a great touch.

  8. Little kids love nooks. I didn't have a tree house, as we lived in an apartment until I was 13, but, I always "hid" in the corner between my nmother's two dresssers in her bedroom. I would read in there, play, snack, etc. It was my own little sacred space! Only I could FIT in there.

  9. what a treat to have your own tree house equipped with glittering fun. what great memories for your children.

  10. I think your son is the luckiest boy on the planet right now Snooks. That would be a dream come true for a child. And you guys made it come true for your family. Great job!!!!
    hugs from here...


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