Friday, June 8, 2012

A Redefined Cabinet

Cabinet as it left the garage.
This cabinet came from the garage. My husband determined that he needed new space so he moved this cabinet from the garage straight out of the patio garage door to rest here in its spot on the back patio. I was excited to acquire this unwanted "space taker" from the garage. Made some changes to it with a few coats of paint and added some doors made from fence pickets to cover the big empty holes in the front. It stores potting mix and extra pots, the garden hand tools, fertilizer sprayer, the chick feeder and waterer and other small items that need a spot. I have all ready used the cabinet for potting a few plants and it has come in handy as a side board for serving meals and drinks. I love it when an item becomes such a handy piece. 

Cabinet from the garage redefined.


  1. Such a good idea! Looks very nice too.

  2. I too love when I can re-purpose an item, and ta-da.. it becomes one of my favorite things.
    Very clever of you to make the doors out of fence picket!
    Great idea!

    Hope that this weekend is a great one for you.
    Are you having company again?

    Catch ya later...

    1. No guests this weekend but ready-ing 3Beeze for a house full beginning Thursday. A family reunion.

  3. Oh I like that idea of a re-purpose for the old cabinet!! Nice job indeed!

  4. hi
    a great idea!!!! love it!!!!!
    have a nice weekend,
    blessings regina

  5. What a great piece--love the doors and oh, the storage possibilities!

  6. Well, that's useful! It's like a dining room buffet for outside.

  7. I just love seeing projects before and after. Great work. I like the color : )


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