Saturday, February 2, 2013

Landscape and Chicken Breeds

Me and Joe and the sunrise this morning. Another rare occasion in the house when it's just me and my Cuppa Joe contemplating the world. This won't last long, both my guys will be up soon. As I sit here with the sun rising and filling the sky changing the color of the sky from the inky darkness to whispers of pink and gold to beautiful blue clear sky I have my mind full of thoughts and ideas for the future. EEk I have a bunch.  I wish there was the time to tackle them all right now. Not possible. There are some of these thoughts that are long range, but others that we can take action on in the near future. Mainly landscape. That is because we have been having spring like temperatures here. What a blessing that has been. after weeks of below freezing temps we now are having temps in the hi 40's and low 50's. Can you believe it? No complaints but these temps are quite out of the ordinary for this time of year here in Southeastern Washington. So with landscaping ideas and adding a few new chickens to our flock thoughts (we need more eggs), I will be outside enjoying the warm sun and blue sky (who knows how long this will last but I am taking advantage of every moment) mulling over landscape ideas with my Husband and surfing the web looking at different chicken breeds to bring home and add to our flock.                                                                                 

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