Monday, February 11, 2013

One Year Ago Today

    One year ago today was the first post made to this 3Beeze Homestead Blog. I started this blog to chronicle the events that would form and change the way we approach, think and live our lives. Little did I know then how much this past years events would shape and change that approach and thought process. It never crossed my mind when I made the first post that I would meet so many wonderful people. I am happy to have met you and have come to enjoy your visits and visiting you as well on your blogs. Through this long year-for it has been that for us here at 3Beeze-I have valued those of you who have sent your hugs and encouragement via cybor space. Your encouragement and prayers helped during some very stressful and tough times. I consider you friends even though I have only ever spoke with you via blog and sometimes FB page for those of you who have them. Who knew?! I look forward to growing and continuing these friendships with you and learning and sharing with you and living this life. So much has happened over this last year that has caused me to think differently about life and how we move forward with living it. Realizing the importance of really living life, taking nothing for granted, surrounding yourself with those who love and cherish you and loving and cherishing your loved ones every chance you get. Seeing the many blessings we have and realizing that even at times when it doesn't seem like it, how tremendously blessed we are. I look forward even more to this year in recording the events and happenings here at 3Beeze and sharing encouragements, triumphs, losses and day to day activities.


  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary!

  2. Congrats on your one year anniversary! Here's too many more years and fun posts! I so enjoy dropping in to visit!

  3. So very true! :) Congrats on your one-year blog-o-versary!!

  4. We truly are blessed to have formed these friendships with so many all over the world. It makes it seem so much smaller now.
    SUch a great post Snooks.

  5. Happy Bloganniversary...a special day and Happy Valentine's Day. Hope your day was filled with sweetness. It has been my pleasure to get to know's to more years in the blogworld.

  6. Congrats to you! So much love in this post you could have reposted it on Valentines day too : ) We should hook up on facebook too.

    1. Thank you Michaele. Come visit me here this is more personal and I can chat and post lots more pictures too. I would to be able to chat with you. (I have link for the 3Beeze Page here on the blog too. Top right column.


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