Thursday, January 2, 2014


      Tossing around ideas for around here. Lots of them. Not necessarily because it's the new year. But because we as a family have had some good down time these past few weeks for Christmas and New Years. We all had some good time off from work/school and in general being busy. So we were able to talk about our ideas for what we wanted to see done around here.
-Ideas like a walking path from the patio to the clucks coop and then over to the fire pit area.
          -Raising the roof of the clucks run. Our son is nearly as tall as I am now and even he has problems with squatting down to get in the run area to put down the food. Time to raise the roof so the run is more kind to our backs. I think the clucks will like the taller space too. We will be finding some large tree branches to put inside for them to get up on to roost. We will all be much happier.
        -Adding more clucks to our little flock. Husband and Son are both wanting to add some little banty hens to the flock. I would like to add another Easter Egger and a Wyandott or maybe some Faverolle. Not sure but wanting good egg layers. So we'll see what's out there this year in the way of choices from our local farm supply. 
      -We want to plant a garden this year. Since we took last year off. This year something smaller and started from seeds. 
           -I would like to see the porch cover done that Husband has been wanting for several years too. Not sure if we'll manage that but we'll keep it on our list.                -Moving the strawberry patch to a different location.                                       - Planting more trees.       Then there is all the up keep. Trimming up the berry vines, staying up with the
  weeds when the time comes and preparing the garden area to be planted.


  1. I love your list of project. It has inspired me to get my list going. i had told myself no new projects just maintenance this year. But I need that path to the hen house completed. Good luck with your projects this year and here to getting myself in gear!

    1. Thanks Junebug!! Here is to getting those things done!!! We have a whole year to move on this stuff and come up with more things we would like to get done. Maybe we should stay on track? No, there's no fun or adventure in that. You never know what we may end up with. Have fun with creating your list.


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