Monday, January 13, 2014

The Breeds of Chickens We Have

Buff Orpington. Lays 3 light brown eggs per week.
This is our one Orpington that we have. She is always friendly and very curious. First to come over and investigate what we are doing or come up and say hello. She seems to get along well with the other hens and does fine whether or not she is confined to the coop and run or out in the yard foraging. Her eggs are a medium size, fat oval, light brown egg.
Black Australorp. Lays 4/5 brown eggs per week.
We have only one Black Australorp as well. She stays to the hens. She isn't interested in being handled and stays back or away from us when we are in the coop and run. She doesn't seem afraid or flighty but isn't interested in mingling with us humans. She seems to get along well with the group but every now and then she will get after one of the other hens and peck at them or run at them. It is always short lived and never amounts to anything. She does well confined to the coop and run as well as out in the yard. This one lays a medium size brown egg.
Top brown hen is a Welsummer. Lays 4 dark brown or speckled brown eggs a week. Bottom white and black hen is a Light Brahma. Lays about 3 light brown eggs per week.
The Welsummers are a more active hen. They seem to be leaner and lighter in their build. We have one that is a year and half and she is very curious and friendly. We have 3 that are about 8 months old and they too are very active. They would rather be left alone by advances from us humans but will not hesitate to come and gather around us when we are being still. They do well in the coop and run but when let out to forage in the yard one can see this is where they enjoy being most. They can fly for 10 feet or so, about 3 feet off of the ground. Our year and half old hen lays large very dark brown eggs. The 3 young hens lay smaller speckled brown eggs. Their eggs are darker then your typical brown egg covered with darker speckles.      
The Light Brahma hens are a sweet bunch of hens. We have 3 of them. They are very calm and quiet and eager to be near us. One of them went broodie on us this last summer. Even for her broodie-ness she was never mean and never pecked at us when it came time to collect the eggs from under her. These hens have done well confined to the coop and run but also do great when let out into the yard. They like to run and stretch their legs. Being a heavier chicken that is about all they can do. These hens have laid large and medium size light brown eggs.
Blue Cochin. Lays 2/3 brown eggs per week.
We have 3 Cochin hens in our little flock. These are very sweet and gentle birds. They seem to be very comfortable being confined to the coop and run. When we let out the chickens into the yard the Cochin are the last to come out. They are actually a smaller framed bird. With lots of extra downy feathers and their feathered legs and feet they seem larger then they really are. They lay small brown eggs.
Easter Egger. Lays about 4 mint green/light blue eggs per week.
The only EE hen that we have in our flock. She is friendly and a fun bird to have. She is so curious. She contemplates everything she looks at. Quite the little thinker. She is one you will find up on the fence or up on top of the run. She is all girl and very expressive with her fluffy cheek feathers. She likes to play and will try to get the other hens to play with her. She is fine in the coop and run but would rather be out in the yard foraging. She lays a medium light minty green egg. Sometimes her eggs look pale blue.


  1. I just love the buffs! Too bad for me that a fox did also. You have a nice assortment. I like Cochins too. Just wish they layed better. They sure show well.

    1. I really like the Cochin too. They were the pick for what my son wanted for two years, so we finally picked some up last spring. They are so sweet. But I'm with you, I wish they laid more eggs.

  2. What a wonderful flock! Don't you just love seeing the difference between each breed? We've thought about possibly adding Brahma's next.

    1. They most certainly are all very different. Each one has their own personality. The eggs they gift us with are as different as each hen is to herself. We love our little, no wait, not so little Brahma's. My niece and son named them the Dixie Chicks. They are fun group of gals to have in our flock.

  3. Love your choice in chickens!
    We've raised the same kinds as you have, before with the exception of blue cochins.
    I love the cochins, but have never had the blue.
    They all look happy and healthy, which is about as good as it gets with chickens :)

    Enjoy those fresh eggs .



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