Friday, January 10, 2014

Making Changes

Last weekend we had some pretty good weather. That is weather that wasn't freezing you to death and biting at every patch of uncovered skin. So we took advantage of these warmer temps (mid 30's just above the freezing mark) and cleaned the coop and run and made some changes and additions to the clucks coop and run. We got in and cleaned the coop. Removing all of the poopy litter and added fresh new litter and doubled the amount we usually add. We then removed some of the covering that was over the run to keep it dry. The covering made the whole run area dark. We all know how much chickens love and need the light. A night and day change for the run to say the least and the clucks seemed so much happier. We added a heat lamp for the night time. The temps up until this week were dipping into the negatives and on warmer nights barely into the teens. We also, after more observation of how the rooster was treating the lady clucks decided it was best for the ladies to remove him from their coop and run and put him in his own space. We changed up the feed and added more scratch to their diet. A week passed by and we still had little to no egg gifts from the clucks but at the beginning of this week -Sunday to be exact we received 3 eggs. Now we were careful in our excitement that maybe the clucks were starting to lay again because on Monday we only received 1 egg. But Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we were gifted with 5 eggs a day from the ladies. Today we collected a total of 9 eggs!!! Happy clucks lay lots of eggs. Lots of eggs make happy humans.


  1. That's good news Snooks! So glad the ladies are now happy in their digs. We get our eggs from the neighbor and so far they are doing their stuff. I hope they keep it up. We finally brought the horses down from the mountain pastures this past week even though we still have no snow. I always like having them here at our house in winter but they sure hate having to be in the stalls with little room to run. So I think they are in a pout now :)
    sending hugs...

    1. Hoping our ladies keep up with doing their stuff right through till summer and beyond. I hate not getting eggs from them. I would feel better much better too with the horses home and safe in their nice warm stalls. Snow or not. They'll just have to adjust and be happy where they are. ;) Hugs to you too June.

      @3Beeze Homestead


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