Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing the Wealth

     I remember watching my dad when I was a little girl. He was such a hard worker. He worked hard at providing for his family. He worked hard at keeping our chickens and garden doing well and worked hard at working hard. What I remember most is that even though our family sustained ourselves with the fruits and vegetables we grew in the garden and the eggs our chickens gave us my dad always shared. He would deliver a fresh picked bag of vegetables to one neighbor and to another neighbor a basket of eggs, someone else he would take preserves that my mother had canned. He always shared the wealth.  We intend on following in this tradition. Giving and sharing. Can't wait for our garden to start producing so that we can start enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables and start stocking our shelves. Even more fun is leaving a bundle of fresh vegetables with the neighbors. Can't wait for our hens to start giving us eggs. We will have plenty and we will most certainly be enjoying these eggs ourselves but we can share with the neighbors as well. 
I think that when we share eggs with the neighbors it would be fun to put little faces or positive words on the eggs.  Imagine your neighbors reaction when they pull an egg out of the carton and it has a funny face or sweet words to brighten their day.

These are not eggs from our girls. These are store bought eggs.


  1. Sounds to me that your Dad has a generous spirit, and that you have one too :)

    We always have shared our farm bounty also, and even though our kids are grown, they often recall stories of sharing with our friends and neighbors.

    It's a great idea to put a sweet message on the eggs... sure to generate a smile.

  2. I love the idea of the faces and messages on the eggs. The next dozen I give my daughter will have a message or two. I can't wait to hear her reaction. I also had a very hard working and generous Dad. We always shared what we had. Hope you have great plans for the weekend!

  3. Great idea! I would love to see faces or messages on my eggs. Perhaps you can talk to the chickens about that kind of customization @;)

  4. Great idea! I would love to be your neighbor! :) We always try to give away our extras. Much better than having them go to waste, although now that we have pigs and goats, there probably won't be any waste! :)

  5. Fantastic idea! Message gifts : )

  6. What a lovely tradition started by your Dad to continue. Only wish I lived next door so I could enjoy the wealth of fresh veggies and fresh eggs.


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