Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting Seeds Steps

Monday was the last day of the our three day weekend.The morning began with some snow falling for a few hours that later turned to rain. A good day to get started on our seed starts. All the items needed were gathered at the kitchen table and my son and I commenced to gardening indoors.     

Potting soil, small 3"pots, seeds and a container for mixing the potting soil with water. Add water to potting soil until the potting soil sticks together but remains spongy feeling.  Place the pots on a cookie sheet or tray. (This will come in handy when you water them later.) Fill pots about 3/4 full of dirt. Place seeds on top of dirt then fill pots rest of the way full of dirt. Don't forger to label your seeds! Then carefully water. Take care to not over water. You can leave the pots on the cookie tray and then place into a plastic bag for the greenhouse effect. I chose to place mine in an extra aquarium that we have. Check soil now and then for moistness, water when needed and soon there will be sprouts.

      This process didn't take long to complete and was quite enjoyable. Especially since we have been itching to get things happening outside. I have more seeds to start but need to wait a bit before doing so.

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