Saturday, February 18, 2012

Starting Seeds

     Looking at getting a jump start on some plant growing. It is much too soon to plant anything in the ground yet but preparations can be started. The garden soil needs to be tilled and more nutrients added for healthy plants. Tossing around a new layout for our garden as well. In the past we have planted our rows east to west. We would like to try north to south this year and increase the size of our garden. We have a nice large area that we have only used half of in years past. In so doing we can plant more of our favorite vegetables and try several new ones.
     Most of the seeds that we can start in doors have been purchased, along with the potting soil and small containers to start them in. I will be using an old aquarium as a terrarium for the "green house" for the seeds while they are inside. I purchased a few different flower seeds as well. I couldn't help my self. I will be starting this very soon as most of the seeds that we have, need approximately 8 weeks indoors before being transplanted outside. The last weekend of April, first weekend of May should be right about the time they need to go in the ground.

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