Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thinking chickens

   It's time to get in gear and ready ourselves for chickens! This is something I have to admit that when my husband mentioned wanting chickens again last summer (we had them many years ago), I wasn't all that excited about it. Thinking I had my hands full with our garden and other summer time activities, I wasn't ready or wanting to take on something else.  Since then I have had lots of time to think about chickens and realize how much I miss having them. Thinking back, I have had them since I was about 10 years old and even when my husband and I first married. Then the dry spell. No chickens. Got used to buying eggs at the store and not having chickens or all of the wonderful things that come along with them. Realizing this has spurred me into action. Not only seeing the need for chickens but to come back full circle to the ways I remember living as a child and the excitement I hold for showing this way of life to my son and the wonderful things he will experience and learn.


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  2. http://palousepasturedpoultry.com/

  3. Excited about chickens and coop!

  4. I still kinda want chickens too, just a few reds.....maybe next summer when Liv is older to help out with chores....
    She wants them NOW lol....its me that has been putting it off the last 6 months...

    1. It was always me too. You do need a place to keep them. Maybe you should start moving towards the chickens by starting with that. I drew up my own plans for a coop after looking at several and liking certain parts about all of them. This might help. My last straw was when my neighbor brought me over some of her fresh eggs from her backyard flock. O they were so good.


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