Friday, March 16, 2012

Chick Brooders and Chicks

Over the last few weeks I have been gathering the items needed for a chick brooder. I put together the basics, using a cardboard box as the brooder, a small shop light for warmth and wood shavings.  I purchased a small waterer and feeder. All in preparation  for bringing home chicks. Today was the two week mark that we have been waiting for to be able to pick up our chicks. We did not order any so it was a gamble as to what may be available to pick up.
     There was only one group of pullets available. In the group were only six left. So we purchased 3 today. 3 little cream bunches of peeping fluff, Buff Orpington chicks. Boy are they cute! My son is in love with them and has taken on the job of surrogate mama hen. I also paid for 3 more Light Brahma pullet chicks that will be able to be picked up at the end of the month. Can't wait!
     I will be putting together a second brooder to put the new 3 in when we bring them home. I all ready have the other cardboard box and my neighbor has lent me her small waterer and feeder. I may purchase another small shop light for this second brooder. (It would come in handy for other purposes as well.) Or my neighbor also offered to let me barrow hers.
     Finally chicks. Now comes patience. Wont have eggs until the end of summer beginning of fall. Unless of course we can come across a couple of older hens that are all ready laying. Either way I am very happy to have chickens again.



  1. So sweet. I am sure they are delighted in their new home. This will be such a great project for your son : )

  2. Now I want them a little more.....maybe next year....


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