Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Twins

Last year, right about this time there was a litter of kittens born. They were at a friends huge barn and cabinet shop. He let us know right away when they were born so we could take our son to see brand new babies. My son was smitten with them. There were 5 little kittens. We went to see them almost every weekend. We had first pick. My son liked a little grey one at first but then changed his mind to a very dark tabby. This is the one he stuck with. We wanted to leave the kittens with their mama as long as possible. So at the end there were just two little babies left. (as the others were collected by their new families) These two-the chosen one and her  brother were left. Had no intentions of bringing home two kittens but the brother was so sweet we had to. 
The huntress. Zu.

James the cuddler.
All three kitties napping. From left Zu, James and Bat.

So we have the twins the dark tabby female who is our little huntress. She has a small bone structure but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. She has lots of hair. Her name is Zu. Her brother is a tabby as well but he has for white feet and a white chest and tummy. He loves to cuddle and is very mellow. He was the runt. You wouldn't know it now. The cat is a bottomless pit and is solid as a rock. His name is James.

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  1. I so love kitties but dang cat allergies! How can one who loves to snuggle a kitty can't even hold them! I can pet them and then I need to wash my hands immediately. So I am in love Zu & James, how lucky you are! So I will have to snuggle via the computer screen! Here's to a great weekend!


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