Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unexpected Day

     Today I woke to blue sky and sunshine. The morning air was warmer as well. A good day in the making. Our original plans were to finish up the detail work on the coop and get started on the run. With a day like today there was going to be great progress. Not so.
     Our neighbors, which we are very blessed to have this particular couple as neighbors, announced that today the huge mass of several years worth of large branches, leaves, wood etc. out on the main farm was going to be burned. Today was the day. So we finished up a little of what we had started on the coop and then grabbed some snacks and jumped in the truck to head up to the Whiskey Creek and our neighbors main farm.
     The burn was started, the dutch ovens were pulled out and we began to cook and visit and watch the debris burn. We had a great time visiting, eating delicious food and being outside. Certainly not what I had expected for the day. No complaints. It was good to take a break and do something unexpected.


  1. From the looks of it, it was a good day for the burn. Glad for your unexpected pleasures.

  2. It was a good burn day. Little wind and just cool enough for a sweat shirt and a warming fire.

  3. Yes, those are the best kind of days in my book. Hmmm, I think we have some burning to do on the farm : ) do you want to come???

  4. Crazy thing just now-I was at your blog admiring and being inspired by all of your wonderful photos while you were commenting on mine. Great minds.....

    Could be fun-another burn.....


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