Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer-time Sunshine

Really feeling the need for some summer-time sunshine.The sunshine that warms all things through and through. The sunshine that makes the dirt feel warm when you wiggle your toes in it, the sunshine that when you sit for a spell makes you feel so relaxed that you just want to keep sitting there and do nothing else except sit there, the sunshine that seasons the breeze with the sent of all things growing.  
Early morning sunrise over the river. Taken last summer.

Late afternoon sun at the river. Taken last summer.
The kind of sunshine that brings you out to the patio and lets you enjoy an ice cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade or sweet iced tea loaded with ice cubes. The sunshine that makes cool watermelon melt in your mouth or gives you fresh picked berries from the vine still warm from the afternoon sun. That kind of sunshine. Summer-time  sunshine.


  1. I hear you. That really, really warm sunshine. None of this teaser stuff : )

  2. Your pictures make me feel all the more warm! :) Maybe not true summertime sunshine...but certainly gorgeous!

    1. Thanks MamaTea, and thanks for dropping by.


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