Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy Weekend

     This weekend brought with it some much needed sunshine and blue skies. We were able to make some good progress on the coop. Not finished with it yet but so much closer. It's all the details now. Finishing off the outside with trim, adding the nesting boxes and roosts, finishing the roof and adding windows and vents. Then there is still the run to complete. We are moving forward.
     There are 2 weeks until we are able to purchase our chicks but they will remain in the brooder for 6 weeks before being moved out to the coop so we still have several weekends to complete the coop without being rushed. We have tossed around the idea of purchasing a few hens that are all ready laying as well to add to our flock. So we can start enjoying some fresh eggs sooner then later.

     The whole weekend was spent working on the coop. Today was very enjoyable.  We had warmer temperatures and no wind. Seeing the coop come to life and move from a drawing on paper to a standing building has been fun to watch. Thanks to the added efforts and expertise of my brother-in-law the coop is nearly complete.


  1. How exciting!!! What a beautiful home for chickens. :)

    1. Yes i agree. Very exciting! Eager to finish and see the hens in the house. Some fresh eggs would be great too! I must remember patience-that's so hard when we are so close to completion.


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