Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week Old Chicks

Took some photos last evening of the baby chicks that we brought home last Friday evening. They are now 1 week old and  have changed so much over the last week. When we first brought them home they didn't do much except sleep. They still do their fair share of sleeping but now they like to jump on and off of the block of wood that we placed in their brooder as a roost. One has started to get a tail and they are getting feathers on their wings now. Each one is starting to have their own personality as well.
 There is lots of eating going on through out the day. They are still just as cute as ever and so curious.  I am eager to see how much they will change this next week.


  1. Good afternoon, Snooks~

    Your peeps are soooo adorable. Do you know whether you have pullets or cockerels?

    We have seven Amberlink hens. We don't have a rooster but our neighbor has a bazillion of them! lol I absolutely LOVE to listen to them crow! :D


  2. Precious! I read somewhere that the cockerels get their feathers first. I have never followed up on that to see if it were true. I got more bantams today. Like my daughter says - you can never have too many bantams : )

  3. @ Laura - The little peeps are all pullets. We have only 3 at this point but will pick up 3 more pullets on Wednesday. No little cockerels. Not that I wouldn't want one. Just can't really. Have a few neighbors that wouldn't really appreciate the cock-a-doodle-doing of a rooster very much. I am quite happy to have all hens.

    @ Michaele - I agree with the daughter. The more the merrier. If you have the space by all means add more. Lovin our little peeps.


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