Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr. Curious

          This is Mr. Curious. Barthalomeow or Bat for short. This guy is something else. Always into what you are doing. If it's outside in the garage then he is on the hood of the car or in it somewhere close by to wherever you are. If it's weeding the flower beds then he zooms past you running full tilt-to turn around and sneak up behind you and tag you with his paws.
      If it's inside then he is usually found on the quilts that are on the back of the couch cleaning himself or napping. Patiently waiting for someone to sit down and cover up with a quilt so that he can come and snuggle into the folds of it. Bat loves to lay on quilts.

Bat is our sweetie. He is one patient guy with my son who loves to lug him everywhere he goes. Bat was 
chosen and claimed by my son when he was about 6 years old. He sleeps at the foot of his bed on the big soft quilt and rises early in the morning to come and get me out of bed for breakfast.
I can always count on him to leave a prize catch on the front porch of some poor field mouse, or bird that wasn't fast enough. I like it when he leaves the mice and wish he would leave the birds alone. At least he doesn't succeed too often with catching the birds.                                                               


  1. Pets always gives such great comfort and company. Love your little story on Bat...!!

  2. I love companions like that. They are the best : )


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